Should I Worry About Crescent Processing Company Scams?

When you hear that there are Crescent Processing Company scams out there, it is understandable that it may make you nervous. You want to trust the business you have your merchant account with. However, you will find that the reports of such scams are false. They aren’t true and this is one business that strives to protect merchants from other such businesses that do run scams.

Are the prices what you really pay?

There have been times when processing companies don’t charge what they say they will. Then it is a huge burden to the merchant when they get that monthly bill. You don’t have to worry about any such Crescent Processing Company scams though. Everything is fully disclosed in terms of what they will charge you for rates and fees.

You will get a chance to go over all the documentation before you sign the contract. You will also be able to compare prices so that you can see for yourself that you are getting a terrific deal. Each month, Crescent Processing Company offers a detailed statement too. Then you can see what every single charge is for.

Is the equipment old?

Some of the rumors about Crescent Processing Company scams has to do with their equipment. It is true that they offer free equipment for their merchants to use. The rumors though state that the equipment is old and out dated. What you will find is that they offer updated equipment that processes transactions very quickly.

They continue to update the equipment that they offer so that it is current with technology. The idea is to make the processing as fast and accurate as possible. At the same time, they want to make sure that the process isn’t too complex for merchants to be able to benefit from.

Crescent Processing Company scams simply aren’t true, but do your own investigating to find out more. They offer accounts to more than 65,000 merchants in the USA. They have a retention rate of 98% so they must be doing plenty right! If you are looking for a quality payment processor that isn’t expensive or full of gimmicks, check out Crescent Processing Company!